About us

  The Communities of Experts federate the different spheres of expertise used in the space field through networks.

Created by CNES in 1998, there are currently 20 communities bringing together more than 3,000 experts from the academic, industrial and institutional fields.

The purpose of the Communities of Experts is to:

  • Enrich the expertise and contribute to innovation by:
    • Sharing knowledge, know-how and feedback;
    • Encouraging inter-disciplinary collaboration between networks;
    • Developing innovative ideas.
  • promote exchanges and cooperation between the space field and other spheres of activity.


The experts work together in various ways: Focus groups, workshops, symposiums, visits, best-practice guides, discussions between experts, etc. 

These discussions and exchanges are conducted in a spirit of Collective Dynamic & Conviviality.

The COMETs are also a tool for transforming corporate culture and practices 

Developments in terms of expertise and management processes lead to the emergence of new professions needed to modernise companies.

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