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Nouvel Animateur : Julien Annaloro

Atmospheric re-entry - Aerothermodynamics (In English Only)

This community deals with all the topics related to atmospheric reentry, from the fundamental physics at play during reentry to the development of strategy and technologies either to perform a safe reentry (manned flight) or to have the vehicle reentering to demise (limit risk on ground).

The COMET  will support open innovation initiatives and any activities that could foster cross exchanges between experts from space and beyond. The COMET is open to worldwide contributions.

The COMET can provide logistic supply (room for meetings, webconf plateform, etc…) and sponsoring.

OIActions that could be undertook are:

  • Dissemination of information
    • Presentation of R&T activities outcomes
    • Presentation and Benchmarking of simulation tools
    • RoadMap sharing, ...
  • Set up working group to identify major topics of interest and work on it
  • Visit experimental facilities
  • Seminar, Lectures, training session

Outcomes could be

  • Cooperation with shared R&T activities, co-management of a Ph.D. thesis or of trainee, etc…
  • Publications, position paper
  • Share data base
  • Definition of a benchmark, experiment
  • Preparation of a shared Roadmap
  • Etc…

Be a part of it, join the community! You can also propose event or submit any ideas in line with the objectives of the COMET

Watch the film about Atmospheric re-entry of ATV



  • Julien ANNALORO