Propulsion & Aérothermodynamics

P&A P&A - Propulsion & Aérothermodynamics
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The P&A Community of Experts focuses on several themes within an aerospace context that is both highly regulated and in a state of rapid evolution. It looks at new problems in order to reinforce skills and expertise in the three following fields:

 Electric propulsion:

  • Micro propulsion for cubesat/nanosat.
  • High power electricpropulsion
  • Disruptive technologies in electric propulsion.
  • Low-cost electric propulsion.
  • Modelling and diagnostics for electric propulsion.
  • Fully electric AOCS.
  • Electric propellant and space environment interaction.
  • New injection strategies.


Chemical and liquid propulsion (excluding launcher):

  • Passivation of satellite propulsion systems: equipment, development, protocols.
  • New chemical propellants (green propellants) and, more widely, energetic materials, including pyrotechnical applications.
  • Long term stability of energetic materials: standards, methods, use.
  • New high-performance materials and associated processes (additive manufacturing, CVD, etc.)



  • Controlled / uncontrolled re-entry of satellites.
  • Fragmentation: process, simulations.
  • Loss of mass: ablation, oxidation, blowing.
  • Radiation (IR, CO/CO2, etc.)
  • Classification of materials at high temperatures.
  • Compliance with French Space Operations Act.
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