Les actualités de la communauté
28 mars 2023

The aim of the "European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials and Environmental Testing" is to promote and facilitate discussion and exchange of experience and information among members of the various mechanical engineering disciplines and environmental testing community concerned with spacecraft development, assembly, integration and verification.

The conference sessions will be devoted to:

●  Mechanical architecture, design and engineering

●  Innovative Structures (damping, deployable, stable, active)

●  Structural Materials

●  Structural dimensioning, including damage tolerance, fatigue …

●  Dynamics (vibroacoustic, random, shocks, microvibrations…)

●  Environmental testing and test prediction

●  Advanced manufacturing, including Additive Layer Manufacturing

●  In-flight experiments and flight data

●  Space Sustainability (debris, D4D, HVI…)

●  New Space (missions, methodologies…)

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